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NLP & Social Sciences
NLP & Social Sciences

Our bi-monthly seminar

Tutorial: The Augmented Social Scientist
Tutorial: The Augmented Social Scientist

Presentation at IC2S2 in Copenhagen, July 2023

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Computational Social Science is an interdisciplinary research endeavor that leverages digital data in all its forms to generate fundamental and policy-oriented insights about society. 

The CSS team at Institut Polytechnique de Paris contributes to this field of research at various levels. We are invested in understanding and tackling the many challenges raised by the current digital and computational revolution, for both our societies in general and of the research community in particular.

In our work, we approach this endeavor in several ways:

  • Investigating what new social processes arise in connection with the digital revolution, and how old social processes change throughout its unfolding;
  • Analyzing how data abundance affects our daily lives and societies altogether;
  • Studying the individuals who operate digital infrastructures, the practices and relationships they develop;
  • Leveraging the empirical power of the new masses of digital data coming from many domains of social activity;
  • Reflecting on how Artificial Intelligence and statistical learning can be used for social scientific research. 

Each of our team members is invested in one (or more) of these rapidly-developing areas of Computational Social Science. We deeply value the diversity in approaches and methods that can be found within our team, and we believe it allows us to better meet the challenges raised by these deep-seated transformations. 

Because we strongly believe that the computational revolution and the advent of digital data demand the development of specific skills, we organize Summer schools, offer Ph.D., RAs and intern positions and we organize workshops and conferences to reflect on the present and future of social scientific research.

Any question? Feel free to reach out through the Contact form.