Étienne Ollion

Étienne is Research Director at CNRS. He is also a Professor of Sociology at l’École Polytechnique. At IPP, he leads the CSS initiative. His research focuses on contemporary politics (parliament, state, media). He integrates digital traces with more classic data sources and methods.

Paola Tubaro

Paola is research professor in sociology and technology at CNRS. She practices inter-disciplinary research that leverages synergies between sociology, network science, and artificial intelligence. She is currently studying the place of human labour in the global production networks of artificial intelligence, and social inequalities in digital platform work.

Samuel Coavoux

Samuel is an assistant professor at the ENSAE. He studies audiences, cultural participation, and cultural inequalities using surveys, digital data, and large corpora.

Ivaylo Petev

Ivaylo is a CNRS Research Fellow at CREST where he heads the Sociology group. In his research, he uses mainly quantitative methods to explore questions related to inequalities in consumption and lifestyles, environmental practices, and discrimination from historical and comparative perspectives

Émilien Schultz

Émilien is a research engineer at CREST, committed to the development of computational social science practices and data analysis. His main interests include science studies, scientific software, Python, and connecting social and computer science

Emma Bonutti d’Agostini

Emma is a PhD candidate in Sociology at CREST and Sciences Po médialab. She researches the circulation of far-right discourse in the French and Italian journalistic spheres, jointly leveraging computational and qualitative methods.

Arnault Chatelain

Arnault is a PhD candidate in Economics at CREST. His research focuses on applied topics in political economy and cultural economics. Currently, he is investigating the impact of media attention and scandals on music industry sales. He also conducts methodological research on the application of natural language processing methods in the social sciences.

Annina Claesson

Annina is a PhD candidate in sociology at CREST and Sciences Po Médialab. She researches practices in political communication among parliamentarians and journalists, with a particular interest in social media dynamics.

Yasmine Houri

Yasmine is a PhD candidate in Sociology at CREST. She studies the social processes underpinning inaccurate or harmful information sharing on social media, using a range of computational tools in network and data science

Mario Herrera

Mario is a PhD Candidate in Economics at CREST. His research is centered around empirical political economy in developing countries. He studies media, elections and crime in Latin America.

Felix Lennert

Felix is a PhD candidate in Sociology at École Polytechnique. His research interest centers around political polarization and its underlying processes which he studies using large-scale social media data and a diverse set of computational methods.

Rubing Shen

Rubing is a PhD Candidate in Sociology jointly at Sciences Po (Médialab) and at l’Institut polytechnique de Paris. His research focuses on the transformations of political journalism in France and in particular on the changes in the narrative framing of political news, leveraging both quantitative and computational methods.

Vincent Verger

Vincent is a PhD Candidate in Economics at CREST. He works at the crossroads of Political Economy and Behavioral Economics  has applied NLP and Network Analysis methods to study position taking in the European and French Parliament.

Affiliated Researchers

Julien Boelaert

Julien is an Assistant professor in Political Science at Lille University/CERAPS (currently on sabbatical). His most recent empirical works study the changes in French parliamentary representation over the last 50 years. He has been experimenting with, and thinking about, machine learning for social sciences since 2010, and is currently working on mass media content analysis with a text-as-data approach.

Maud Yaïche

Maud is a student in sociology at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. She is currently conducting research on the perception of inflation. Within the CSS team, she is interested in the use of NLP on a corpus of social science journals

Guilhem Sicard

Guilhem is a Master’s Student in Data Science at l’EPFL, in Switzerland. This semester, he is working in the CSS group on politics in the media, using advanced NLP techniques.

Yacine Chitour

Yacine Chitour is a master’s student in history and sociology at École Normale Supérieure. He is currently conducting research at the intersection of economic history and economic sociology on Parisian department stores in the 1940s, during the German Occupation. In the CSS team, he is interested in the use of NLP on radio corpora.